This September 20 is recognized as the 2nd annual National Crime and Intelligence Analyst Appreciation Day, encouraging us all to show appreciation to intelligence analysts throughout the nation, honoring their dedication and commitment to the work that they do every single day. 

“We cannot say enough about the more than 150 analysts employed with ViaPath Technologies,” said Mitch Volkart, Vice President of Intelligence. “Due to the sensitive nature of this work, these dedicated professionals often operate under the radar and without recognition…but not today.  Today we all pause and say ‘thank you.’” 

The ViaPath Technologies FUSION team provides security services to government agencies across the United States through the development of actionable intelligence and digital forensic services. Leveraging technology and data, experienced analysts operate tenaciously to ensure safe and secure communities. 

Intelligence analysts work to make sense of all the data points and transform them into intelligence that can be acted upon to help prevent crimes, solve cases, slow the influx of contraband and keep people safe. Here are a few examples of our Fusion analysts in action:

  • After conducting a mobile forensic extraction on a contraband cell phone, a contraband smuggling scheme was uncovered, packaged drugs were confiscated, the conveyor was apprehended, and several individuals were successfully prosecuted
  • Analysts identified a threat and effectively shared the intel, leading to hundreds of suboxone strips being seized from a civilian with multiple weapons, and a contraband phone being retrieved from a unit in a facility
  • Intelligence analysts utilizing multiple systems helped to determine an escaped inmate’s whereabouts, leading to his apprehension within a few hours of escape

ViaPath’s team of intelligence analysts are at the core of the Fusion Services team. Trained and fully certified, our analysts:

  • Work on-site at correctional facilities or remotely from our National Intelligence Center (NIC) or National Computer Forensic Laboratory (NCFL)
  • Act as a force multiplier to support cases, run reports, and analyze complex data sets
  • Provide a wide range of intelligence support to investigators to help prevent crimes before they occur and solve them after they happen
  • Analyze data to help shut down in-facility crime and create environments more conducive to offender incarceration and rehabilitation

The critical role that analysts play at ViaPath Technologies does not go unnoticed. We are extremely proud of the role our analysts play in bringing safety to correctional facilities and their surrounding communities.

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ViaPath provides advanced communications, technology and management solutions that facilitate meaningful connections, provide educational opportunities, and enable successful reintegration for previously incarcerated individuals. ViaPath is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, with an employee presence throughout North America. To learn more, please visit

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